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Making Use of Location Data — GIS, POB, and other legacy systems

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Making Use of Location Data — GIS, POB, and other legacy systems

Posted on 27 July 2012 by tbounds

Location data, as it is broadly used in this context as both geo-coordinates and sensor readings, from a Real-Time-Location-System (RTLS) in its ‘raw’ form is simply numerical measurement. These numbers must be provided meaning and this meaning must then be interpreted. Eventually this interpretation may lead to action that can be performed.

When making use of location data two common application systems that will derive meaning from the collected data will be the Geographic Information System (GIS) and the Personnel On Board (POB) application.

GIS applications are commonly used within the oil and gas space for a variety of visualization use-cases some of which are:
 Pipeline Leak Simulation
 Well Automation
 H2S Emission Projection or other Radius of Exposure Use Case
 Fleet management

When enhanced with geo-coordinate data and sensory information from the RTLS system the value of these use-cases becomes even more compelling.

 ‘Radius of exposure’ geo-fences can be overlapped with geo-coordinates of personnel and two-way messages can appropriately direct personnel out of harm’s way.
 Sensor information such as H2S emission readings can be used to dynamically adjust projected H2S exposure radiuses.
 Man-downed/man-overboard data can be provided to emergency response personnel via the GIS interface, enabling a more effective response.

POB systems provide an accountability method of personnel location, worker competency, allowable work areas, and billable related information. Enhancing these systems with location data would provide the ability to:
 Assure workers have the competency necessary to operate at specific location
 Automatically cross reference muster lists to those individuals mustered in a particular zone.
 Enhancing work-order accountability

There are many more use-cases for both GIS and POB systems that can be enhanced using geo-coordinate and sensory information. I am sure that the Operations and HSSE managers reading this post are already working through some in their minds.

Sample Architecture (simplified for confidentiality)


There are also other systems such as Permit To Work and Fire & Gas that each have particular benefits to leverage location data as a means to enhance their own use-cases.

For more information on these and other systems and how they make use of RTLS location data please contact the solution group via our online form: http://rfidsolutiongroup.org/contact/

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